Patient Story: CaRi-Heart Analysis detected what other standard cardiac tests failed to pick up

Patient testimonial or CaRi-Heart Analysis, applied on cardiac CT scan

Jamie from Gloucestershire rides most days and lives a reasonably active life. She shares her experience of undergoing the CaRi-Heart® analysis, which revealed what standard cardiac tests couldn’t.

“I’ve had high blood pressure for many years and after a routine blood test, my GP wanted to put me on statins. But I wanted to know a bit more before I did something and was put in touch with Dr Nik Sabharwal.

Dr Sabharwal saw me in his practice and performed a cardiac echo. He didn’t see anything particularly concerning but couldn’t draw any conclusion and felt that a cardiac CT would be indicated.

Since I’d rather know more than less, I decided to follow his recommendation. My CT scan report from the hospital looked fantastic. I was pleased that I wouldn’t have anything to do and went home.

But when the CaRi-Heart® report came in, it revealed there was inflammation that couldn’t be detected by the standard testing and showed where I was with all these yellow, red, and green markings all over it.

Dr Sabharwal explained the report in more depth and, also explained because of the AI involved in this analysis, that we can see so much more about what’s going on.

He told me that because of the inflammation revealed by the CaRi-Heart report, I did need to take some statins and make lifestyle changes to avoid something bad happening 10 years from now.

After being given such a clean bill of health at the hospital on the day of the scan, I had to face the disappointment that things didn’t look as good as we had hoped. But I felt this was good, because I now knew, I needed to do something to insure I did not suffer from health complications in the future. The CaRi-Heart analysis evaluated me individually in much greater detail, not as just one of the herd and . So, I was pleased in that regard.

The brilliant thing was that there was no evidence of this in all the standard methods of testing, everything looked clear, but when you looked deeper with the CaRi-Heart® analysis there was much more behind it.

I felt reassured that I had time to do something now rather than wait for something disastrous to happen.”


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About CaRi-Heart Technology:

CaRi-Heart technology is Caristo’s flagship offering which aids coronary artery disease diagnosis with improved risk prediction. It applies advanced AI algorithms to routine cardiac CT scans to visualize and quantify coronary inflammation, which is the previously invisible root cause of the disease. Each patient’s CaRi-Heart Report includes several clinical results:

  • the patient specific Fat Attenuation Index (FAI), a novel and patented biomarker for the measurement of coronary inflammation, which indicates the patient’s risk in % relative to a matched peer group;
  • CaRi-Heart Risk, which assesses the absolute 8-year risk of a fatal heart attack (based on both coronary inflammation status and standard clinical risks factors); and
  • coronary plaque-specific characterization and quantification.

The CaRi-Heart Analysis is supported by the CaRi-Heart software, which is cloud-based and agnostic to the type of scanner generating the routine cardiac CT images. The CaRi-Heart technology is CE Mark certified under the latest EU MDR with UKCA marking.

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