CaRi-Heart® Technology

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CaRi-Heart Analysis

The CaRi-Heart® Analysis is an AI-enabled imaging solution that quantifies coronary Inflammation and characterizes plaque, to help clinicians make more informed patient management decisions.

Our unique solution is a cloud-based (SaaS) medical device that applies Artificial Intelligence to standard CCTA images.

We use a novel imaging biomarker, the Fat Attenuation Index (FAI) to quantify coronary Inflammation

CaRi-Heart Workflow
Cari-Heart Report

Personalised Risk Prediction

A CaRi-Heart® report provides comprehensive patient risk stratification for future cardiac events, including:

  • The patient’s relative risk of a fatal cardiac event, compared with people of the same age and gender, based on quantification of the coronary inflammation (FAI-Score)
  • The absolute risk of a fatal cardiac event within the next 8 years, based on the personalised FAI-Score values, the coronary atherosclerotic plaque burden and clinical risk factors
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CaRi-Heart Analysis

Adding Plaque Information

The CaRi-Heart® analysis also offers the quantification of detailed plaque characteristics most associated with heart attacks

The combined report helps comprehensively assess Coronary Artery Disease:

  • Measure of Inflammation is indicative of disease activity
  • Plaque characterisation assesses extent of the disease
  • Dynamic changes in coronary inflammation track patient’s response to treatment

Dr Nik Sabharwal shares his experience of using CaRi-Heart® Analysis to personalise treatment decision.

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