Groundbreaking AI heart attack scans could soon be rolled out across UK

Quote by Prof Charalambost Antoniades in the Guardian

Oxford University team say thousands of lives could be saved by technology that finds hidden data in CT scans

The Guardian interviewed Prof Charlambos Antoniades from University of Oxford on the recent ORFAN study results published in the Lancet.

The research, led by a team at Oxford University’s Radcliffe Department of Medicine, has been designed to spot the abnormalities that are being missed from standard CT (computed tomography) scans. This knowledge would allow doctors to give the patients preventative treatments such as anti-inflammatory drugs.

Much of the problem was that damage to an artery caused by inflammation was not picked up by a CT scan, Antoniades said. “Our discovery was to find a way to bring up hidden information by using AI to enhance our CT scan images in order to show what damage has been done. In the past, we were not able to picture this but now we can.”

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