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Heart & Lung Health selects Caristo Diagnostics AI technology to provide early diagnosis of coronary artery disease UK-wide

UK-wide radiologist network to deploy Caristo’s pioneering CaRi-Heart® solution 

Oxford, March 19, 2024— Heart & Lung Health (HLH)a UK-wide network of over 110 expert cardiothoracic radiologists, has partnered with Caristo Diagnostics, a leading cardiac disease diagnostics company, to offer the novel CaRi-Heart® AI technology to predict patients’ risk of developing potentially fatal coronary artery disease. 

An estimated 1 million adults in the UK present with chest pain every year1. Many will undergo a coronary computed tomography angiography (CCTA) scan to diagnose coronary artery disease caused by plaques that narrow or block the arteries that supply blood to the heart. However, three quarters of these patients undergoing CCTAs will display no clear sign of significant narrowing and would traditionally be seen as low risk of having a heart attack. Yet, there are twice as many deaths or cardiac events in these “low risk” patients than in those identified as high-risk.2 A primary cause of these events is coronary inflammation, a crucial risk factor previously unseen in routine CCTAs.  

Now for the first time, coronary inflammation is detectable in routine CCTAs using Caristo’s CaRi-Heart technology. Based on research originated at the University of Oxford, CaRi-Heart is a pioneering AI technology that predicts heart attack risk by assessing coronary inflammation and integrating plaque and clinical risk factors such as cholesterol levels. The technology provides a non-invasive Fat Attenuation Index ScoreTM (FAI-ScoreTM) as a patented biomarker for coronary inflammation.  

Research studies have shown that among patients who had no plaque and zero calcium at time of CCTA, those with the most abnormal CaRi-Heart test results experienced 11-fold higher risk for cardiac mortality and 5-fold higher risk for major adverse cardiac events (MACEs) than those who had normal CaRi-Heart test results.  

With the new partnership, HLH will provide the CaRi-Heart AI-based cardiac assessment as a regular part of the organization’s cardiac health check package in multiple sites across the UK. HLH provides access to award-winning cardiothoracic radiologists with targeted expertise in diagnosis of lung and cardiac conditions. The HLH network provides specialist reporting services for the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) as well as a variety of hospitals and academic institutions. HLH has also established itself as the leading provider of lung cancer screening reporting services to the NHS England Targeted Lung Health Check (TLHC) program. Each patient screened with CaRi-Heart by HLH radiologists will be under the care of the referring clinician; either their consultant cardiologist or family doctor, who will manage any cardiac risks identified from the CaRi-Heart technology.  

“At HLH, our vision is to deliver rapid and reliable imaging reports that are focused on providing world class patient care. We are pleased to extend access to the award-winning CaRi-Heart AI technology across all our sites in the UK. The inflammatory-driven risk pathway can facilitate early diagnosis of patients at risk of a heart attack, potentially saving thousands of lives,” Dr Jonathan Rodrigues, Chief Medical Officer & Co-Founder of Heart & Lung Health. 

“Early diagnosis and interventions have the potential to significantly improve health outcomes for thousands of patients at risk of coronary artery disease. We are pleased to announce our partnership with Heart & Lung Health, aiming to enhance accessibility to CaRi-Heart technology for patients throughout the UK,” said Frank Cheng, CEO of Caristo Diagnostics. 




2 – ORFAN data presented at American Heart Association Late Breaking Science 2023 

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